Creating a greater sense of community in the company with company events

How important are internal events in your company? If you think everything apart from the Christmas party is superfluous, then read on quickly. Company events are a particularly valuable measure for employer branding. We have summarised here why this is the case and which activities you can make the most of.

Events als starke Teambuilding-Maßnahme

Events as a powerful team-building measure

Spending time together away from the office routine, having fun and perhaps solving creative challenges or undertaking exciting activities – sounds like the perfect ingredients for team building, doesn’t it? Different company events combine all these factors into an excellent recipe for strengthening the sense of community within the workforce.

It’s obvious why this is important: harmonious interaction within the company not only creates a better atmosphere, but also has a positive effect on productivity, creativity and, of course, employer branding. For new employees in particular, such events are also a wonderful opportunity to break the ice and familiarise themselves better with their new team.

Gemeinsame Zeit abseits des Büroalltags

What types of corporate events are there?

The best-known and probably most widespread company event is the Christmas party. And with good reason, as for many employees it is a highlight at the end of the year that contributes significantly to a sense of community. But there are so many other options for spending time together as a team and growing even closer.

When the weather is right, outdoor activities are a particularly nice option for company events. You can’t go wrong with a classic summer party including a barbecue and fun games. sporting activities or adventurous excursions have at least as positive an effect on the sense of community – for example archery, canyoning or a fun scavenger hunt.

Aktivitäten im Freien als eine besonders schöne Möglichkeit für Firmenevents

Indoor events, on the other hand, enable fun in any season and weather – and therefore allow more planning security. An exciting day of laser tag, tricky teamwork in an escape room or a fine wine tasting in a beautiful setting are guaranteed to be remembered for a long time and bring your employees even closer together.

Especially since the COVID pandemic, virtual team events have also become more of a focus. These are also a very good option if the workforce is scattered all over the world or individual employees work exclusively remotely. From virtual Christmas parties and cocktail workshops in the home office to online team survival games – the range of virtual company events is now enormous.

Virtuelle Teamevents als eine gute Alternative für Remote-Mitarbeiter.

Incidentally, it is by no means always necessary for the entire workforce to be part of the event. For larger companies in particular, it is a good and less costly option if the individual departments regularly organise smaller “team days”. This way, the whole company doesn’t grind to a halt and the sense of community can still be improved step by step.

Celebrating together at Rejlek

At Rejlek, we recognise the value of our company events, which is why they are fixed highlights in our calendar every year. As a family business, cohesion in our company is extremely important to us – all the more so because our team has grown significantly in recent years.

Our Christmas parties at various locations in Vienna are always very cheerful and exuberant. After all, the end of the year is the ideal time to celebrate the success of the past few months together and honour the work of each individual team member. Last year, it was a particular pleasure to celebrate the end of the year at our company premises with Christmas punch, chestnuts, biscuits and other seasonal delicacies. As a little bonus, we also organise a prize draw for all employees every year shortly before Christmas Eve, where they can win small gifts as a thank you for their great work.

Das Rejlek-Sommerfest 2024

But even in the warm, sunny season, we don’t miss out on the festivities. At the beginning of June, we traditionally host our big summer party – in the blossoming garden of our beautiful company premises. With delicious barbecued food and refreshing drinks, it’s easy to get chatting to old and new colleagues alike.

Growing together with fun and games

It doesn’t always have to be everyday office life. If you regularly provide your workforce with entertaining variety in the form of team days and company events, you will notice how quickly the atmosphere in the company improves and how much more relaxed and creative the individual employees can work. A strong sense of community is therefore literally worth its weight in gold – and can be achieved above all through fun, a relaxed setting and optional culinary delights.

If you would like to find out more about how we liven up everyday life at Rejlek, follow us on our LinkedIn channel for current and future employees.

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