Professional practice from day one – the apprenticeship at Rejlek

Anyone who has read our blog on apprenticeships at Rejlek will already know how attractive an apprenticeship at our company is. Because practical experience and personal responsibility are particularly important to us, we want to go into more detail here about the opportunities and chances we offer our apprentices every day when it comes to getting hands-on, working with machines and familiarising themselves with essential production processes.

Equipment für die Lehrausbildung

Equipment for apprenticeship training

What tools do you need to build tools? Our mechatronics, metal technology and plastics process engineering apprentices find out this and much more from day one in our in-house apprentice workshop. They mill, turn and grind, and soon the young talents will also be able to work productively in our production department – at their own pace, of course.

During their apprenticeship at Rejlek, we attach great importance to valuing each and every one of our apprentices and to supporting and challenging them in a way that suits their individual needs. We encourage our apprentices to try things out for themselves and to always be curious – because mistakes are the best way to learn and are an essential part of comprehensive training.

Lehrling für Mechatronik, Metalltechnik in unserem hauseigenen Lehrlingswerkstatt

With the equipment that we have available in the apprentice workshop and in our regular operations, we are able to teach the full range of skills and the budding specialists can feel their way through the various production steps step by step.

The piston injection moulding machine from Plasticpreneur takes pride of place in the apprentice workshop. Why? Let’s take a closer look at it.

First steps in piston injection moulding

Injection moulding is a particularly important technology in our company – after all, plastics processing is one of our core competencies. Injection moulding is a cost-effective way of producing a wide variety of moulded parts in large quantities. Plastic in the form of powder or granulate is melted and injected into the respective mould under pressure. After cooling, the finished part can be removed and used immediately.

It is no coincidence that learning the injection moulding process is one of the most important skills that our young talents deal with during their apprenticeship at Rejlek. The Plasticpreneur piston injection moulding machine that we have available in our apprentice workshop is therefore an important teacher for our budding specialists. Although this type of machine is not often used nowadays, it is ideal for illustrating and better understanding the concept of injection moulding.

Lehrling und seine ersten Schritte in der Spritzgusstechnik

Under supervision, our apprentices can take their first steps in injection moulding technology with this machine and produce small plastic parts themselves. This makes it much easier to handle the larger machines later on, enables practice and builds self-confidence.

Shaping the future with Rejlek

As you can see, the apprenticeship at Rejlek offers many exciting activities and after three years, our trainees emerge as competent, self-confident specialists. Many opportunities are open to them afterwards, depending on their specialisation, as the mechatronics, metal technology and plastics process engineering sectors are promising and in high demand internationally.

To complement all of this, we are planning our own apprentice academy, which will take our training to an even higher level. From this year onwards, our young specialists will be able to enjoy intensive, comprehensive further training here, in which important life principles will be taught alongside professional skills.

die Lehrzeit bei Rejlek bietet viele spannende Tätigkeiten

At events such as the Technicians of tomorrow event in Vienna, there is also always the opportunity to get a taste of an apprenticeship at Rejlek. Current apprentices and training instructors are on hand to provide exciting insights. Visitors can even try their hand at our piston injection moulding machine to produce a plastic object of their choice.


It all sounds pretty exciting, doesn’t it? If you are now interested in starting your apprenticeship in the fields of mechatronics, metal technology or plastics process engineering, then get in touch with us right away. Send us your application directly or visit us at the next apprenticeship event so that we can get to know each other straight away. Our family business is looking forward to welcoming you to our team soon.

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