How a donation enabled a great excursion of the HTL HAK Ungargasse

Through a financial dedication  to the HTL/HAK Ungargasse association, we were able to help make an extraordinary flying day a reality for 11 students.

The donation was used to fund an excursion to the Stockerau Flying Club, where eleven students enjoyed a 20-minute sightseeing flight in a Cessna.  Due to the great weather conditions and clarity of the sky, they were able to enjoy a fantastic view over Vienna.

This kind of excursions can be a fun and educational experience for teenagers and can provide an opportunity for them to learn about new places, people, and cultures.

Its important to ensure that these kids have the necessary support and accommodations to participate in such activities. Its good to see that the school had a therapist and pilot present to provide additional support and supervision for the students.

We are happy that our donation was able to contribute to this wonderful experience.

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