On behalf of our mobility customers, we manufacture highly complex plastic and metal parts, as well as assemblies for mobility electronics, or parts for the steering columns, for example. We also produce design parts with the finest decorative requirements for paint and printing, as well as metal-plastic hybrids and multi-component parts at our plants in Western and Eastern Europe.


Long experience as a mobility supplier in the metal and plastics sector ensures optimized communication.

State-of-the-art production sites with a high degree of automation ensure price advantages.

In the field of e-mobility a new focus on charging and battery management is available for premium manufacturers.

Metal-plastic combinations, the so-called hybrid products, are one of our specialties and ensure competitive advantages for you.


Automotive and climate-neutral product developments mean for us, as your industrial production partner, to focus even more on digitalized production. In this regard, it makes no difference whether we are dealing with technical or aesthetic metal or plastic products or assemblies. We want to manufacture your highly complex products as efficiently as possible and thus in an energy-saving manner – using innovative manufacturing processes and methods! Each of our production sites concentrates its core competencies to achieve an optimal cost-benefit ratio.

This way, your connectors, EV battery components, relay housings, e-mobility components, bus bars, plastic transmission units, steering column assemblies, rear view cameras, torque sensors, optical light sensor technologies, instrument panels, door disconnection plugs, engine control units and much more can successfully inspire your markets.

Reliable, lean and therefore cost-effective!

Our collaboration represents a great asset for ELITech and a nice personal relationship

Francesco Gorreta, Vice President ElITechGroup

Nedschroef Herentals counts on Viena International as part of the Rejlek Group as a reliable partner.  And as business is looking now, will be counting on them for the future!

Purchasing, Nedschroef Herentals

Top quality, Professional service, High technical knowledge. 3 top priority goals we expected from our supplier. Viena International as part of the Rejlek Group always match this 3 goals

Leif Petersen, Category Manager Food Processing Industry

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