How Rejlek supports you

Basically, the development process for the industrialization of products starts with the 3D-part design and production of prototypes and functional models by using 3D-printers in the context of the common rapid prototyping technologies! The experts of our Modelshop Vienna together with our designers are at your disposal right now!

Once the product design has been approved by the customer, we start with common moldflow analyses in the plastic area and stamping part development in the area of stamping bent parts. In this way we try to achieve further optimizations for our customers. CO2 reduction through low weight of the parts and short production times are currently the main focus.

The design of our assembly lines, injection molds, progressive and punching-bending tools or gripper systems is of course also carried out in 3D. This allows us to accelerate the subsequent CAM programming and optimize production times in our CNC manufacturing facilities.

Not only at the beginning of a journey to new worlds are development and planning one of the factors of success to the overall performance. All our products – such as machines, tools or processes – have been created with regard to optimization of costs, quality, reliability and innovation by our engineers and technicians using the latest CAD/CAM software and FEM methods for analysis.

100 technicians produce and service multi-component injection molds, progressive dies and assembly systems for you!

We use all the necessary CNC precision technologies! 5-axis CNC simultaneous milling, CNC EDM technology, CNC wire-cutting technology, CNC measuring technology and computer tomography.

At our specialized production sites, we manufacture in the segment of plastics processing, precision components and assemblies by means of single- and multi-component injection molding, insertion molding and transfer molding on more than 100 injection molding machines. Our active competence ranges from micro injection molding to production on injection molding machines up to 11000 KN clamping force and several kilograms of component weight.

Our stamping technology uses progressive die technology to produce high-precision stamped and bent parts on standard automatic stamping presses with press forces of up to 8000 KN and high-speed presses for press strokes of up to 1200 strokes per minute.

But we go one step further and combine these two production competences to plastic-metal composite technology!

For this purpose, we develop highly flexible manufacturing cells and customized production units for your needs. We overmold screws, solder contacts, ELO pin press-fit contacts into assemblies using the reel-to-reel process and check the results online using active camera systems.

Close to Series Prototypes desired?

If you need prototypes or functional samples that can reproduce properties as close to series production as possible, our team of prototype and series production specialists is available to you immediately!

Our specialized skilled workers manufacture on the most modern CNC machining equipment cutting and non-cutting for the needs of your precision components.

CNC 5-axis simultaneous milling, CNC turn-mill centers, CNC robot production cells with integrated wire cutting and die-sinking EDM technology or inline 3D component measurement. Flat grinding, turning, drilling! All inclusive!

The integration of CAD and CAM in terms of smart manufacturing strategies plays a decisive role! Because the production centers must not only be used effectively but also efficiently in order to fully meet your cost and quality requirements and to ensure your company’s success.

One of our specialties is the further processing of plastic and metal components by painting, multicolor pad printing and silk screening. Lettering and design elements are industrialized in such a way that the lasing of geometric parts achieves your desired effect.

In the plastics sector, we only use water-based paints, thus also protecting employees and the environment. If the desired design effects cannot be industrialized for the time being, we will develop appropriate processes together with you.

For the production of your assemblies, we rely on our customized production facilities with fully programmable 5-axis robots and Scara technologies.

Whether stitching of connector contacts, laser welding of plastic or metal assemblies, joining operations of plastic and metal components by means of mechanical or thermal joining operations, we industrialize your product!

In the field of assembly technology, Industry 4.0 is an absolute goal for us.

In the laser welding area, for example, we use inline weld-watching as a series-accompanying test measure to achieve the necessary performance.

We have made it our goal to constantly improve the quality of our products and processes. We achieve this by measuring and controlling. This can be purely technical measurements, using 3D CNC measuring machines or product-related testing devices in the electronic segment, but materials are also tested and documented in our chemical laboratory for solvent viscosity during series production.

However, long before we deliver the first series parts, manufacturing processes are simulated with computer support and initial samples are evaluated with computer tomography and corresponding analysis software!

In the metal sector, material tests and weld seam tests are also performed as standard!