Benefit from a potential analysis by Rejlek

Are you currently satisfied with your company’s success? Or are you wondering why you are not managing to fulfil the production targets you have set yourself as a manufacturing company? Either way, we have good news: whether you need help with the optimisation of internal processes or would like support to raise the efficiency and thus the profit of your company to the next level – with our potential analysis we offer you new perspectives and proposed solutions for your individual situation. But how exactly does a potential analysis from Rejlek work?

Potentialanalyse als neue Perspektiven und Lösungsvorschläge für Ihre individuelle Situation

What does Rejlek specialise in?

Are you interested in a possible co-operation but still know too little about Rejlek and its range of services? We would like to briefly introduce ourselves: Rejlek is a family-run Austrian company that has specialised in professional contract manufacturing for decades. The manufacturing methods we use include

  • Injection moulding
    • Injection mould construction
    • Multi-component injection moulding
    • High-precision injection moulding
  • Punching technology
    • Punching tool construction
    • High-speed punching technology
  • Automation technology
  • Prototyping

We are particularly proud of our end-to-end production, which runs without interfaces right through to series production and reduces your production costs and TTM in equal measure.

Do I need a potential analysis?

The short answer: probably yes. Because there is always room for improvement in a company. However, the leverage points that should be addressed are often not immediately obvious to those directly involved. A neutral view from outside experts can therefore be useful in practically any situation.

It will be particularly interesting if you are currently facing one of the following scenarios:

  • Rising actual costs jeopardise your business success
  • In the development process, rising planned costs make your new developments more difficult
  • Your costs spiral faster and faster
  • The individual components cannot be installed properly
  • The individual parts do not fulfil the required properties
  • You want to industrialise a product better or faster

Do these points sound familiar to you? Then you are far from alone, because they are among the most common weak points in companies that seek our support.

Ein neutraler Blick von außenstehenden Expert:innen

How a potential analysis works

If you contact Rejlek with one or more of the above issues, we can support you in your further development with our many years of expertise. This service does not cost you anything, but only serves to determine the most important cost and other factors in your specific case. Afterwards, a discussion will reveal which strategy could be suitable for making rapid and sustainable progress in your desired area.

The questions and the results differ from customer to customer, because our aim is not to provide ready-made or generalised answers, but to work with our customers to develop the best and most sensible individual solution. It is not unusual for several topics to be interwoven, resulting in a holistic strategy that puts you in pole position for future orders.

After the initial contact, we are happy to invite companies that request a potential analysis from us to a personal meeting. This allows us to get to know each other better and discuss in more detail how your current challenges can be solved and how Rejlek can actively support you.

Mit einer Potentialanalyse lassen sich mögliche Strategien erkennen

Utilise your full potential

Seeking advice from external experts is a common practice for successful companies. Far too often, we think too small ourselves or fail to see how our company can be optimised in the long term because of all the small, acute problems. With a potential analysis, possible strategies can be recognised – without cost or risk.

Contact us today and let us help you make your business even more successful in the future.

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