Our USPs – what makes Rejlek different as a company

What is the secret of our success? Standing out as a company in the Metal & Plastic sector is no easy task – especially in times when growing competition from overseas with different cost structures is up against the shortage of skilled workers in our latitudes. Nevertheless, in the nearly 60 years of Rejlek’s company history, we have succeeded in setting ourselves apart from the competition with credible USPs, unique selling propositions – and thereby ensuring the success of our customers, as well as our own.

You can find out how we achieved this in the following article.

Family-oriented, consistent, responsible: our corporate values

At the heart of our corporate philosophy is our long history as a family business. This is – especially in times of multinational corporations – a special feature of which we are both proud and grateful. To us, family does not merely refer to blood relations; we extend the term to our entire company and all of its people. Empathy, motivation and emotions are essential in our everyday business and greatly contribute to the personality of our company and make sure our customers feel our warmth.

Another USP of the Rejlek Metal & Plastics is our focus on solutions and the will to provide our clients with nothing less than the very best possible result, even if this means additional effort or numerous correction loops. “We believe it can be done better, we’ll keep at it. ” is our motto, because only when the client is satisfied and truly benefits from the result do we consider it a success. Our clients have been appreciating our commitment and pursuit of excellence rather than mediocrity for many years.

We want to create products that are effective in the present and at the same time capable of solving the problems of the future. This applies both to challenges our clients may face as well as to issues that affect our environment in general. Sustainability and a long-term perspectives are topics close to our hearts and therefore equally important USPs. These naturally affect Rejlek’s production and staff management directly.

So let us take a look into these areas.

was Rejlek als Unternehmen ausmacht: Unternhmenswerte

Diversity and sustainability: Production at Rejlek

Our specialisation is the highly complex production of parts; we offer everything from one source, all inhouse: from design development to toolmaking, parts manufacturing in injection moulding and pressing technique to surface treatment. We do not just specialise in a single area, but also produce for the mobility industry as well as for medical technology, supply hybrid component construction as well as home appliances and many other sectors.

We can score points with this versatility. However, as in every industrial company, this also means high energy consumption and thus a great responsibility to act sustainably. We therefore always make sure to invest in the latest and most energy-saving technologies in our machines in order to work energy-efficiently. In addition, wherever possible, we choose recyclable, sustainable materials that have a long lifespan.

By constructing the large photovoltaic system on the roof of our building, we have also taken an important step towards covering the considerable energy consumption of the machines with electricity from renewable sources.

Mit dem Bau der großen Photovoltaikanlage am Dach unseres Gebäudes haben wir überdies einen wichtigen Schritt gesetzt

Rejlekians by conviction: Our team

Sustainability means a long-term approach – and that is central to the way we manage our staff. A large part of our employees have been with the company for many years and we do everything possible to support this employee loyalty.

As a family business, good relationships are particularly valuable to us, since we can achieve even more together as a team. Mutual trust is therefore the foundation of our teamwork. Building on this, we provide our team with numerous training opportunities, flexible working time models, time off, healthy snacks, working clothes, company parties and a beautiful garden where the lunch break becomes a relaxing short holiday.

We believe in a bright future and want to invest in it. That is why apprenticeship training and youth development are particularly important to Rejlek. Throughout these years, we have been able to train a great number of young people in a wide array of fields and are always looking for new, committed talents who are eager to learn. In addition, we are also committed to educating people about careers in industry, trade and especially in STEM fields, as well as giving students the opportunity to learn about them in hands-on workshops.

Mit unseren USPs ermöglichen wir Ihren Erfolg

Conclusion: Our USPs enable your success.

Rejlek Metal & Plastics Group may not be the only supplier of high-quality metals and plastics – but our corporate values, our claims to excellence and sustainability, as well as our philosophy of employee management provide us with a clear profile that allows us to stand out among others. Our achievements confirm this, and so does the feedback from our customers, who appreciate us not only for our exceptional products and our untiring commitment, but for our humanity.

Did we convince you? Should you have further questions or would like to benefit from our long-standing expertise for an upcoming project, we would be very happy to hear from you.

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