Photovoltaics – after all, we have nothing to give away!

We want to make good use of our spacious roof areas. For this purpose, a total of 1,721.6 m2 of photovoltaic panels were installed on the rooftops of our factory buildings in Vienna. With this photovoltaic system we produce our own electricity, which covers about 10% of our total electricity demand. We decided to make this investment of around 200,000 € in order to become more energy independent in the future, to sustainably reduce energy costs and, at the same time, to improve our ecological footprint.

A photovoltaic system produces energy in any weather, as long as there is light – no matter if it is windy, cloudy or rainy. Moreover, the rumor that the production of a PV system consumes more than it produces energy is false. A photovoltaic system currently produces 10x more energy than it takes to manufacture it, and developments continue. In addition, these plants are extremely resilient and even after 30 years still have 90% of their initial power. For us, this is a great “win-win” situation, where not only we, the Rejlek Metal & Plastics Group, have savings and benefits, but above all natural resources are used sensibly and we can make our contribution to environmental protection.

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