Sustainable plastics processing at Rejlek

When dealing with plastic, everyone should increasingly ask themselves: Is this necessary? Do I need packaging on top of packaging? For us as a plastic processing company, it is especially important to focus on sustainable production. Therefore, our products are inventory products that are not manufactured for one-time use and have a very long life cycle. The negative image of plastic products needs to be cleaned up because: Often the long-lasting products are much more sustainable than their alternatives.

As an example: a plastic bag from the supermarket is mostly a disposable product, with a single use. On the other hand, with plastic food storage containers, we save aluminum foil or cling film, and often use them for years.

By striving for ever better quality, we additionally extend the life of our products and thus save our customers unnecessary new purchases. In addition, we pay attention to lean production, that is, we try to keep the stocks small, to process every plastic particle and to recycle superfluous material! Plastic is extracted from crude oil, therefore often discredited. However, plastic products save many times their material requirements in their applications. Thermal insulation, fuel-saving lightweight components and also recycling systems contribute significantly to saving the important resource crude oil!

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