Visiting the Rejlek Summer Festival 2023

The scent of grilled food was in the air on June 2, along with a buzz of voices, laughter, and a lively atmosphere. Employees and their families were greeted with a “welcome to the party” sign hanging between trees, balloons in company colors of blue and orange decorated the entrance. Early on, the first burgers and vegan soy patties were sizzling on the grill. The tables were filling while casual conversations were held, and cold drinks were served.


Glückliche, satte Mitarbeiter am Rejlek Sommerfest 2023

The Rejlek summer festival in the blooming garden

The Karl Rejlek GesmbH premises cover more than 25,000 square meters. Not the entire area is used for production – there is plenty of space for nature as well. The numerous fruit trees in the garden were a long-standing dream of the founder, and year after year they bear fresh fruit for everyone to enjoy. White blossoms covered the grounds, early cherries were turning red and the shrubs were in bloom. Not only the human guests felt at ease – two four-legged friends were in the middle of the action too, hoping for something to fall off the plates for them and enjoying the sunshine on their bellies.


Kurzweilige Rede am Rejlek Sommerfest 2023

Family values lived

Rejlek started as a small family business. Since then, the company has grown considerably, however, the values of family and team spirit have continued to this day. This very personal atmosphere is highly perceptible when strolling through the rows of tables at the summer festival and looking into the satisfied faces. Community and comfort are inseparably intertwined here. In his short speech, Mr. Robert Rejlek expressed his gratitude and appreciation and thanked all employees who had contributed to the success of the company over a long time. It particularly pleased him to see seniors as well as fresh young faces, who will together shape the company’s future, sitting next to each other at the crowded tables.


Eine spannende Führung durch die Produktion am Rejlek Sommerfest 2023

Exciting insights into the company

After the first appetite was sated, a guided tour through the company began. A large group of curious guests were guided through the huge production halls where milling, stamping and welding takes place every day. Robots slid back and forth behind glass screens and released finished components, to be inspected by the audience. It was repeatedly noticed that the parts produced by Rejlek are used in one’s own car or kitchen appliance. Thus it became apparent how significant the work performed here is and how it affects everyday life. Altogether, there are more than 600 manufacturing plants in the group with a staff of 200 at this location. Usually, the guide explains, miracles are occurring here. The only reason why most of the machines were idle today was because the whole team was enjoying themselves at Rejlek’s summer party.

Meanwhile, in the garden, the queue for the barbecue was not getting any shorter – the mood, however, was getting better and better. 13 fire extinguishers found new, proud owners in the drawing. The soccer goals were discovered by the little guests, and they bent it like Beckham. One or another visitor could already be seen swaying to the music. With one classic after another, it was impossible to resist. By the end of the Rejlek Summer Festival, there were no more hungry faces, just happier ones.


Die neuen Social Media Kanäle am Rejlek Sommerfest 2023.


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