Rapid Product Development

Health is our most valuable asset. It is therefore not without reason that medical technology plays a particularly important role in the social fabric, as the development and production of medical products is subject to particularly strict requirements. Having a strong partner at your side who accompanies the entire production process and acts flexibly and professionally at the same time saves time, costs and resources. Rejlek has been a reliable service provider for numerous medical technology customers for decades and we are proud to offer particularly fast, resource-saving and high-precision contract manufacturing through our Rapid Production Tooling, which guarantees efficiency and quality.

Managing process interfaces and supply chains is probably one of the most time-consuming tasks in any project. Prototypes, rapid tooling and series tools are often produced by different companies, and the handovers often do not run smoothly, which leads to serious loss of know-how and time-consuming correction loops. How much less complicated could it be if a single, trustworthy supplier were to accompany the entire development process through to series production, without the need for different suppliers or secondary service providers?

This holistic approach is part of Rejlek’s corporate philosophy, which is why we offer our customers in the healthcare sector complete contract manufacturing from a single source. With our decades of experience in the areas of design, engineering, toolmaking, automation and production, we are able to provide optimal support for projects throughout the entire product life cycle.

Our areas of expertise include simulation, design, prototyping, [pre-]series production and quality control using computer tomography. The acquisition of Modelshop 1100 in 2020 in particular enabled us to expand our expertise even further and offer even better and faster prototyping. Right from the start of the process, we are also able to contribute our experience in design-for-manufacturing, design-to-cost, investment planning and other areas, thereby making a decisive contribution to securing the business case and ensuring a robust product design.

The optimized rapid production tooling particularly supports the development of consumables, which we can deliver quickly and cost-effectively in series quality. Production is carried out with original materials, in fully automated processes and with tools close to series production: the best conditions for an efficient development cycle and development transfer to series production, without the risk of time-consuming correction loops or error-prone interfaces.

In addition to time and cost savings, as a Rejlek partner you benefit from many other advantages, such as

  • Experienced development support, for rapid market approval of your products
  • In-house toolmaking for the medical technology standard in the area of high-cavity injection molds and prototype production
  • In-house class 8 clean room production for injection molding operations
  • In-house computer tomography accompanies your series quality
  • ISO 13485 certification

For Rejlek, the highest quality is just as important as an efficient production process – we provide your medical technology with the ideal conditions to make the world a healthier place, bit by bit.

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